Trophies & Awards from previous years Availability

We would like to warn Our customers that trophies, awards and medals that they have ordered in previous years may no longer be available.

The new 2018 range is now out at the suppliers.  As a consequence, items from last year are usually still available - not all of them, however.

Items from 2017 should be available, about 80%

Items from 2016 could be available - as an example, customer called wanting three of a particular item and wooden base.  We had to call the supplier to first check they had some, then call back to confirm there were three available - it was the last three in stock, they haven't ordered them since 2016 from their supplier.  The wooden bases were still available as a current stock item, however.

Those three were confirmed and ordered, on behalf of the customer - good relationships with the whole supply chain is always beneficial :)

Anything earlier than that could be problematic in obtaining.

As We have said, there will be new catalogs coming out this week, so Everyone will be able to see what changes have been made to the available items.

Contact us if there are specific trophies, awards or medals that had been ordered in the past - We'll establish if they are still available this year.

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