shows the TV with the information being displayed

Information Display - Actually finding something useful for the Raspberry Pi to do at work !

As the article title states, We've implemented an information solution We have been wanting since taking over Quality Trophies, back in August 2016.

We now have a way of displaying upcoming Customer jobs, when there is office work to do - such as filing, stock take, recycling - or attending industry events, such as Nation Manufacturing Week or TroPro, both recently.  No more whiteboards and trying to clean them off, all computer based !

It uses a Raspberry Pi model B as the computer - with only a USB Wireless LAN stick, HDMI Cable, MicroSD card and USB power pack with a short & firm USB lead. The Pi connects to an old TV via HDMI, with the TV on it's left side and the base removed.

Using the MagicMirror framework, We can display local news and weather, system metrics, comments and facts about the business for the customers that visit, as well as displaying the upcoming jobs and other events - which was the main idea behind this whole project.

Using Google Calendar, We are able to update the board with smartphones or computers easily - the board is updated regularly so that We don't forget about upcoming orders that need to be shipped, for instance.

There are other modules that We will be implementing soon, but We have a sufficiently workable set now and will leave it for testing to check it's a viable solution for the future.

We are looking forward to seeing the customer's reactions and interactions with the system in the future.

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