Phone Issues - 02 9621 2474

We would like to apologise to any of Our customers trying to call on the 02 9621 2474 number.
There have been ongoing issues with this number, where calls are either not coming through to Us or being diverted to the previous owner's mobile phone.
We contacted the telephone provider on Thursday and reported the continuing occurrence of the previous issues.
They got back to Us today, explaining there was a redirection error and it had been escalated to their top tier telecommunications troubleshooters.
The troubleshooters found the error and are working on it, currently.
Until the issue has been resolved, We'd suggest calling the 02 4589 3263 number, as there have never been any issues with calls coming through on that number.
We appreciate your continuing understanding with this matter and will let you know when it has been resolved.

2019 Catalogs

The updated catalogs and RRP pricing is being prepared and uploaded.

They will be available shortly - stay tuned !

Catalogs & Discounts Available !

We have finished half of the supplier catalogs , ready for downloading.

Each zip file has twp pdf files in it - one is the catalog, the other is the pricelist.

DON'T Forget to ask about discounts !

Sponsored organisations receive 25% discount for instance, Hawkesbury community gets locals pricing - and more !

Get in touch today, to find out more !

2019 - Here We GO !

We're ready to assist all of Our Customers with their needs again.


The showroom is still in progress a little, but the machines are just waiting to help Us to help you !

Catalogs are offline at the moment - the suppliers have given out Summer 2019 ones, they are being packaged at the moment for download.  We will let everyone know when they are ready to go.


Looking forward to seeing you all again in 2019 !


We will be open for business again on the 28th of January, 2019.

Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful and safe New Years and Christmas.