Raspberry Pi Model B, in the offical case and an USB Wireless LAN stick

Information Display - Actually finding something useful for the Raspberry Pi to do at work !

As the article title states, We've implemented an information solution We have been wanting since taking over Quality Trophies, back in August 2016.

We now have a way of displaying upcoming Customer jobs, when there is office work to do - such as filing, stock take, recycling - or attending industry events, such as Nation Manufacturing Week or TroPro, both recently.  No more whiteboards and trying to clean them off, all computer based !

It uses a Raspberry Pi model B as the computer - with only a USB Wireless LAN stick, HDMI Cable, MicroSD card and USB power pack with a short & firm USB lead. The Pi connects to an old TV via HDMI, with the TV on it's left side and the base removed.

Using the MagicMirror framework, We can display local news and weather, system metrics, comments and facts about the business for the customers that visit, as well as displaying the upcoming jobs and other events - which was the main idea behind this whole project.

Using Google Calendar, We are able to update the board with smartphones or computers easily - the board is updated regularly so that We don't forget about upcoming orders that need to be shipped, for instance.

There are other modules that We will be implementing soon, but We have a sufficiently workable set now and will leave it for testing to check it's a viable solution for the future.

We are looking forward to seeing the customer's reactions and interactions with the system in the future.

Much neater and quieter power supply configuration

We have updated the Display Lighting !

We updated the power supply system for the Display lighting.

No longer using a bench power supply, with it's noisy fan - We re-purposed a power supply for hard disks, fanless design, connected into a power module to control the stepdown from 12V DC to 5V DC.

Laser Glass Blue Plaques - laser engraving commencing

Laser Glass Blue Plaques look stunning when completed !

We completed some Laser Blue Plaques for Rouse Hill Rotary.

The effect is quite striking, making them a very cost effective award.

Quality Trophies is doing something about the Environment by Getting Greener !

We are making a more complete installation of the solar panels, with a suitable smart meter being installed this morning.

This will mean that all power will be switched off, until the work is completed.

All calls, from both phone numbers, are being diverted - We won't miss your phone calls this morning, but We will be unable to send or receive any emails/invoices/quotes, until the power is restored, by noon as We were told.

The benefit of this work being completed today is that We will be getting a proper electricity bill, with the generated power being taken into consideration.

We will still be able to provide great customer service with the solar power assistance - just that it will be nicer overall for the environment as well.

Quality Trophies - what's happening This week

Wednesday 9th May - We will be attending an industry exhibition at the Sydney Olympic Park in the morning, expecting to return to the office by 2pm.

Thursday 10th May - We will closing @ 10:30am and then heading into Sydney to catch a cruiseliner, for a short trip - We will be closed on Friday as well.

Monday 14th May - will be leaving Sydney and returning to Richmond via train.  Should be open by 1pm at the latest.

We will look forward to getting back on Monday, refreshed and ready to go !